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Are You Miscalculating Your Title IV Aid?

By Gregory Rinderle April 29, 2019

Schools are educating a variety of students these days. With the rise in non-traditional students – or students who go to school at different stages of their lives – and with various lifestyles to accommodate, colleges and universities are changing traditional school models to create more options and flexibility for…

New FSA Audit Guide Released

December 21, 2016

On September 27th, the Department of Education finally released the new Audit Guide for proprietary schools and Title IV third party servicers. The new guide will be effective for fiscal years beginning after June 30, 2016. McClintock & Associates has reviewed the new Audit Guide and is in the process…

New Additions to the McClintock Family

December 21, 2016

  McClintock & Associates has two new additions to our firm family! Please join us in welcoming Marissa and Christian. Marissa joined as a Staff Accountant in the Audit Department. Prior to joining the firm, she worked as an Experienced Associate in the Wealth Management and Tax Services Department at…


Hiring a Qualified Auditor for your Employee Benefit Plan

By Robert J. Behr, CPA December 21, 2016

The Department of Labor (DOL) is continuing to focus its efforts on improving the audit quality of employee benefit plans. During 2015, the DOL released a report called “Assessing the Quality of Employee Benefit Plan Audits” in which the agency reviewed 400 plan audits. As a result of this review,…

Fall 2015 Brings Several New Additions to the M&A Family

December 20, 2016

Congrats are in order for the staff of McClintock & Associates! With two recent weddings, a new baby boy, and a new baby girl, M&A now has four additions to our growing family. Callie White was married to Jason Clark on September 5th and John Mioduszewski married his new wife…