Financial Statement Audits

When it comes to your financial statement audits, our process is efficient yet personalized, allowing you to focus on your job instead of worrying over the audit.

What makes
us different?


Our singular focus on higher education affords us a familiarity with regulations that other auditors can’t match.


We’ve demonstrated expertise by being requested or selected to present at conferences on topics like 90/10, Composite Score Ratio and more.


We proactively plan to mitigate unexpected impacts like lease standard implementation and the new 90/10 rule.

Peace of Mind

Our expertise allows you to excel at your job while giving you peace of mind about complying with Title IV regulations.

Planning Your Financial Statement Audits

Our team has performed financial statement audits for hundreds of educational institutions nationwide, making our experienced team your greatest asset in learning about and avoiding auditing pitfalls. Meeting with you before the audit period ends helps us maximize planning opportunities and work independently so we reduce interruptions to your daily tasks.

Our Experienced Audit Process

McClintock & Associates has worked on Financial Aid, Financial Statement, and Employee Benefit Plans audits for nearly 50 years. Our sole focus in postsecondary has allowed us to refine our audit process and provide each client with an efficient and positive experience.

We understand the impact your institution has on your students and their families. Your focus should be on helping shape and change their lives, not your audits. That’s where we can help by reducing the impact our audit has on your team.

Where to Find Us

Our financial statement audits expertise has been showcased at several conferences.

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“I cannot express how much I respect you and your team.  I appreciate your hard work, diligence, and valuable insights.  Thank you so much!"

– CFO, Higher Ed

Questions to Ask Yourself

Can I project my composite score before the end of my fiscal year?

Is my school prepared to comply with the New 90/10 Rule?

Does my auditor inform me of new regulations or do I inform them?

If you’ve answered “No" to any of these questions, it may be time to contact one of our experts to schedule your Financial Statement consultation!

Schedule a call with us to talk about your financial statement audits!

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