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With nearly 50 years of specialization in postsecondary institution audits, McClintock & Associates knows what to expect and the language to speak surrounding Title IV Compliance, Financial Statements, and Employee Benefit Plans.

Your Issue

Our Solution

Your current auditor serves a variety of industries, postsecondary education is just part of what they do.

We are singularly focused on Higher Education, with intricate knowledge of the regulations and a deep network of industry contacts.

You’re spending a lot of time explaining basic financial aid terms to your auditor.

Many of our employees have worked in financial aid offices; they understand the process and stress.

You only hear from your auditor during the audit process, but you have questions year-round.

When you work with us, you’ll have year-round access to our experts and receive updates when significant changes happen to our extensive resources database.

Our Experienced Audit Process

McClintock & Associates has worked on Financial Aid, Financial Statement, and Employee Benefit Plans audits for nearly 50 years. Our sole focus in postsecondary has allowed us to refine our audit process and provide each client with an efficient and positive experience.

We understand the impact your institution has on your students and their families. Your focus should be on helping shape and change their lives, not your audits. That’s where we can help by reducing the impact our audit has on your team.

Overwhelmed by Changing Regulations?

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“Overall, the team was great to work with. The requirements were clear, and the audit met expectations from our institution. We enjoy working with you as colleagues."

– Corporate Director, Financial Aid

Our Services

Title IV Compliance Audits

Our employees have worked in financial aid offices, so we’ve been where you are: overworked, under staffed, and worried about constantly changing title IV regulations. We’re here to give you peace of mind.

We partner with you to provide expertise and support, helping you understand key areas and be better prepared for the years ahead.

Financial Statement Audits

Our proactive planning, continuous communication, and project efficiencies enable us to complete your financial statement audits well in advance of key deadlines. We will work alongside you and your staff, helping to answer questions and provide solutions surrounding the composite score and 90/10 calculation.

Our service will continue beyond the audit as you will have access to our staff and resources year-round. Your institution can rely on our experts to break down new regulations, assist with questions, and plan for the year ahead.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

McClintock & Associates provides trustworthy and timely answers to your most important needs regarding Employee Benefit Plans, using knowledge that comes from years of auditing experience.

We’ve tailored the audit programs and have worked with a large number of third-party administrators (TPA). We are experienced and knowledgeable and provide an efficient audit experience.

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