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At McClintock & Associates, our clients know we have a degree of consideration and passion that goes beyond the necessary complexities of our daily accounting work.

We are the market leader in building customized consultative solutions for postsecondary institutions, backed by a senior leadership team with deep, comprehensive experience in this unique industry.

Yes, we provide standard audit and tax services. We also provide solutions, highlighted by industry insight and regulatory guidance, that others cannot match.

That’s why our clients choose McClintock & Associates.

We solve problems.

Our Services

We provide a full range of solutions to postsecondary institutions including:

An experienced team geared
towards solving problems

About Us

Founded in 1975, McClintock & Associates has developed into the premier firm offering solutions to career educational institutions across approximately 40 states in the complex and ever-changing postsecondary education market.

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Join Our Growing Team

McClintock & Associates realizes that our greatest assets are our employees. The firm’s commitment to excellence is dependent on the development of our team, both personally and professionally.

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The 2021 Child Tax Credit: What’s changing — and will your advanced payment cause additional tax burden?

This year’s changes to the federal child tax credit (CTC) are significant and a seeming advantage for parents, but upon ...

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