Helping postsecondary institutions stay compliant with financial aid regulations

We specialize in knowing and understanding Title IV regulations. Our team of experts use their knowledge to help for-profit and nonprofit universities help their students while following the regulations.

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Why work with McClintock & Associates?

Let us take the burden of staying compliant off your plate. With regulations changing so rapidly it's important to work with the right partner.

Our team consists of a variety of experts, both CPAs and FAAC certified leaders, who are focused on what’s coming next and how it will impact your school. We know the regulations and provide a unique customer experience. Our process is focused on developing an understanding of your school and its processes, enabling us to find the most efficient and effective ways to communicate and share information. We work to minimize the impact the audit has on your day-to-day operations, and we provide you with solutions to continually improve processes and avoid future findings.

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We provide a full range of solutions to postsecondary institutions including:

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McClintock & Associates realizes that our greatest assets are our employees. The firm's commitment to excellence is dependent on the development of our team, both personally and professionally.

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The Updated 90/10 Rule: What’s New and What’s the Same

In March 2021, the Department of Education (ED) reached consensus with non-federal negotiators on a crucial regulation for proprietary institutions: the 90/10 rule. Broadly, the 90/10 rule requires proprietary institutions to receive at least 10% of their revenue from nonfederal educational assistance sources every fiscal year. Because consensus was reached,…

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The Trouble With SAM

Is your school having trouble drawing down federal student aid for any of its locations?  Earlier this month, the General Services Administration (GSA) as well as the U.S. Department of Education (ED) officially discontinued the use of the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and began recognizing the Unique Entity…

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Where Do We Stand After ED’s Latest Negotiated Rulemaking Session?

The latest negotiated rulemaking session featuring the Department of Education’s (ED) Institutional and Programmatic Eligibility Committee concluded March 18 — and I appreciated the chance to be a part of it. As a committee advisor representing compliance auditors who work with institutions that participate in Title IV, I was able…

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