Our Values

Our team shares core values that portray who we are, what we believe in, and what we are looking for in prospective candidates.

Committed to Excellence

We focus on being the best we can be in everything that we do. We are committed to  excellence, not perfection.

Forward Thinking

We demonstrate a growth mindset by recognizing that change is inevitable. We welcome new ideas. We stay at the forefront of technology, utilizing it to maximize efficiencies. We see new projects as opportunities to develop professionally, grow the firm, and service clients. We are responsible for our own career path.


We provide opportunities to others, allowing them to complete projects or tasks in a way that makes sense to them. We support our leaders’ decisions. We assume others act with positive intent at all times.


We are open and transparent in our actions at all times. We address issues with others by talking to them  directly. We treat others as they wish to be treated


We know that the emails we send, our social media posts, the presentations we make, and the deliverables we provide to clients impact others’ perceptions of us as individuals and as a firm. We recognize that our physical appearance is a representation of the firm and the work we perform. We recognize that people have different strengths and view events through their own unique lens. We appreciate and capitalize on these strengths and consider others’ viewpoints. We understand the impact of our actions and requests on the schedule of others.

Family First

We value the time at home with those closest to us and provide flexibility to ensure we do not miss important moments. We recognize the importance of taking uninterrupted time away from our work and are respectful of those who take time off, allowing them to disconnect. We do not expect co-workers to respond to email when they are away or during off hours.

Solution Minded

We bring a positive mindset focused on solving problems and answering questions. We develop potential solutions for problems identified. We are proactive in identifying issues before they arise.


We care about people and seek to help those in need. We actively give back to our community, both individually and as a firm. We consider those less fortunate than us and provide assistance, with our time or donations.


We recognize greatness is created by demonstrating perseverance in times of adversity. We know that challenges create opportunities, develop skills, and make us stronger. We understand that we cannot control the timing of when challenges arise, and we will overcome them.

Continuously Learning

We are responsible for and engaged in our personal and professional development. We recognize that our mind is a muscle that can be strengthened by utilizing the resources available to us. We will provide training to others, remembering the times when we didn’t know, and someone had to teach us.


We show gratitude to the people in our life who make us who we are, our co-workers who strive with us to be the best we can be as people and as an organization, and our clients who allow us to be in business. We are empathetic for all people in our life—making them know that we care and are looking out for their best interests also. We intentionally demonstrate our gratitude with frequent feedback and through Good Stuff Awards.


We know what is expected of us and by when. If unsure, we ask questions and seek advice until expectations are clear. We admit mistakes and treat them as opportunities to grow and develop. We recognize that tasks are not completed until they are communicated.


We allow open dialogue and hear other people’s opinions. We create an environment where it is acceptable to say, “I don’t know” or “I disagree”. We are considerate of others’ time by following M&A’s Meeting Ground Rules.