Department of Education Announces Efforts to Reduce Administrative Burdens

By Kimberly Cravotta, FAAC® | March 12, 2024

In case you missed it, the Department of Education’s recent announcement on February 13, 2024 introduced additional measures aimed at improving the efficiency of student record processing for colleges. This is a significant stride towards facilitating access to financial aid for millions of students across the nation.

These steps include a substantial reduction in verification requirements, achieved through direct data exchange with the IRS. This streamlined approach ensures robust fraud prevention measures, benefiting both colleges and students by expediting the aid allocation process.

In addition, routine program reviews will be temporarily suspended until June 2024, with exceptions made for cases involving suspected fraud or serious breaches. This decision enables institutions to focus resources on efficiently distributing aid to students.

Furthermore, colleges facing Program Participation Agreement expiration in March, June, or September 2024 will enjoy waived 90-day recertification requirements. This flexibility empowers institutions to prioritize student support without the immediate pressure of recertification deadlines.

These initiatives underscore the Department’s commitment to simplifying the financial aid process and reducing administrative burdens for colleges. By easing administrative constraints, colleges can dedicate resources to upcoming FAFSA releases and better serve their student populations.

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