Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiency and Client Service

By David B. McClintock, CPA | December 13, 2016

By David McClintock, CPA

At McClintock & Associates, we continually strive to provide top of the line service with added value to our clients. We seek to do this by leveraging our expertise to find and deliver new services and advice. We also look for ways to save our clients’ money. One recent change is to perform student file testing for financial aid audits from our office.

When we work remotely – rather than bring the auditor to your files – the files are brought to your auditors. If you already make use of an electronic filing system you can simply grant us access and we can perform our work without any added effort on your part. If you maintain hard copy files, then the documents we need can be scanned and uploaded to our secure portal located on the McClintock & Associates website. (www.mcclintockcpa.com/cchaxcess.html) During the audit, we keep in touch with shared documents that track our questions and your responses.

The clients who had us test their files remotely have seen many benefits. First and foremost, there are significant cost savings through the reduction in out-of-pocket costs. This flows straight to your bottom line. Clients have also appreciated not needing to give up their conference room or other space to the auditors. The number of days we test files typically decreases because we don’t lose time traveling and we can sometimes utilize a larger team in the office as the out-of-pocket expenses are eliminated as a constraint. This leads to less interruption for you.

If the file testing is performed in the office, then this enables us to perform fieldwork with a much smaller team. It also enables us to spend more time when onsite providing additional value added services such as reviewing your processes, discussing trends we are seeing in the industry or providing training to your staff.

Please contact your primary point of contact if you are interested in exploring options to have your student files tested remotely. We can also put you in touch with other clients who have taken advantage of this option so you can gain a better understanding of all the benefits of remote file testing.

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Volume 3, Issue 1
Winter 2016

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