Financial Aid: Staff Accountant

This position will be performing compliance audits for institutions that participate in student financial aid programs. This includes reviewing FAFSA, Verification and C-Code documents, Title IV disbursements, Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculations, and calculating Pell and Direct Loan eligibility. This position will also perform basic testing of institutional and accounting areas as outlined in the audit programs. Experience in Financial Aid strongly desired.

    Hear From Our Team

    It's one thing to say McClintock & Associates values company culture but it's another for our team to say it. See what our team has to say.

    From Our Team

    I appreciate the flexibility in our work schedule that allows me to not only attend my son’s various school and sporting events, but also allowing me to be a coach of his basketball and hockey teams.
    The values and management philosophy of McClintock & Associates has fostered a company culture that focuses on providing value to clients, but also drives its employees to be accountable and team oriented, allowing them to achieve a true work/life balance.
    I was drawn to the work/life balance portrayed throughout my interviews. Each interviewer made it apparent that McClintock & Associates truly believes in a family first culture, and I have seen that demonstrated numerous times since I have started working here.

    Shannon Muraco, FAAC®

    Senior Accountant

    McClintock & Associates embraces the values of a family environment, allowing flexibility and encouraging developmental opportunities.

    Diane Ward

    Administrative Assistant

    There is an actual work/life balance here, not just talk of one. I’ve been in public accounting for 13 years, and here at McClintock & Associates was the first where I experienced life outside of work without feeling stressed about what still needed to get done in the office.