Deadline for Final Public Comments on Annual HEERF Reporting Form Coming Soon

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA | October 21, 2021

Institutions have one last chance to comment on the Department of Education’s (ED) proposed changes to the annual reporting form for Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) grants.

ED released its response to the first round of public comments earlier this month, adopting some changes after commenters’ input and declining others. The department’s summary of the public’s comments and its rationale can be found here.

Key comments and ED changes address concerns over what many perceive to be “overly burdensome” changes, impractical reporting requirements and logistical issues, such as the timing of when the form is available.

We encourage institutions to review those responses and note that the deadline for the final public comment period is coming soon on November 8. Our staffers who specialize in regulatory and reporting matters took a close look at ED’s response and indicated the most important comments and responses in this document (note the items highlighted in yellow).

After reviewing the documents, it is important institutions send any final written comments or recommendations to ED. Instructions can be found here.


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