McClintock & Associates has a staff of seasoned professionals from inside the industry and 19 experienced CPAs to fit all of your needs. Our firm performs audits for over 110 schools nationwide including:

  • Financial statement
  • Title IV compliance
  • OMB A-133
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Opening balance sheet

Our firm focuses on quality to give you the most efficient and accurate service possible. We consider the following to be differentiating factors compared to other CPA firms you may be considering:

  • Focus in the postsecondary industry
  • Paperless audit software
  • Consistent audit teams from year to year
  • Generation of management comment letters
  • Network of postsecondary education professionals (i.e. lawyers, consultants, and representatives of the U.S. Department of Education and accrediting agencies)
  • OIG - our working papers have been reviewed by the Department of Education's Office of Inspector General as part of their quality control program and we have received unqualified acceptance by them
  • Peer Review - we have had unqualified peer reviews that reflect the high level of performance with which we operate